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Snake Removal

At Reeves Wildlife Removal, we offer extremely fast service and the best pricing in the industry. We understand the urgency when it comes to snake removal. That's why we will send a truck immediately after receiving the call.

Snake Removals in the Area

We like to let homeowners in the Middle Tennessee area know that most of our calls regarding snake issues are either rat snakes, northern water snakes, or garter snakes—all non-poisonous snakes. However, we have done several rattlesnakes and copperheads in this area.

Steps in Snake Removal

Our snake removal services are second to none. If you call us to resolve a snake problem, our Wildlife Trapper Brian will come out to inspect the property, remove any snakes seen on-site, set snake traps, and use repellents as necessary.


We will give you a price range over the phone and an exact price after the area is inspected. Our price will also include the return visits needed to check the traps. If the snakes have entered an attic or crawlspace, we will also give you an estimate to seal up the entry points.

All of our repairs come with a lifetime warranty against animal entry at the point of repair. There are absolutely no hidden charges with any of our wildlife services


Please call or text for your free quote or free on-site inspection for snake removal.






Same Day Service




Lifetime Warranty on All Repairs

We warranty against animal entry at the point of repairs for the lifetime of the home or structure.


Lowest Price Guarantee

Ask us about our “lowest price” guarantee. We have the most affordable prices in the Middle Tennessee area.


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