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Skunk Removal

Everyone agrees that a skunk is one animal that qualifies for nuisance animal removal - especially if it has made a home somewhere in your home. Reeves Wildlife Removal guarantees the best price in the Middle Tennessee area for all skunk removal services. Our service and experience in this area are second to none. We offer fast, humane removal of skunks, repair of damages, and clean-up as needed to resolve the issue.

Steps in Skunk Removal and Remediation

skunk removal

Trapping the skunk(s) is the first step in skunk removal. Sometimes this is the only step needed to resolve an issue if the skunks have not entered a crawlspace or structure. There is no time limit on our trapping service. We trap until the problem is resolved at no additional cost.

When removing skunks that have entered a crawlspace or structure, we funnel our traps directly over the opening(s) giving the skunk(s) no choice but to go directly into the traps in order to enter or exit the crawlspace or structure. We highly recommend that you do not hire a company unless they trap in this manner - that is, funnel the traps over the entry points.

After trapping skunks that have entered a crawlspace or a structure, repairs and clean-up are often necessary. We repair the point of entry and other damages that skunks cause. For example, if skunks are in a crawlspace, they may damage the vapor barrier, insulation, and are even known to tear open duct work, stealing the heating and cooling from your home. (This can cause your heating/cooling bills to skyrocket.) Additionally, skunks leave droppings in your crawlspace, which we remove during clean-up.

Eliminating Skunk Odors

We can also help you with the removal of skunk odor at no additional cost. And, you should know that our skunk traps will prevent the skunks from spraying while caught so there will be no additional odor problems caused by the trapping.


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Lifetime Warranty on All Repairs

We warranty against animal entry at the point of repairs for the lifetime of the home or structure.


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Ask us about our “lowest price” guarantee. We have the most affordable prices in the Middle Tennessee area.


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