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We offer all repairs needed to resolve a wildlife issue - from sealing up entry points to preventive work such as screening a deck to prevent animal entry.


Most repairs are under $100, but we will give you an estimate of the cost of repairs even before we begin the removal. Even though you are not obligated to have us do the repair after the wildlife has been removed, we are confident that our price will be the best price you can find.

Quality Materials

We use only top quality materials in our repairs. This allows us to offer a lifetime guarantee against animal re-entry at the point of the repair. For example, we use steel to seal entry holes. Not many animals can get through a steel plate or steel screen, but if an animal ever does re-enter at the repaired entry point, we will remove the animal(s) and reseal the entry point at no charge.

We Do It All

Repairs can include sealing up roofline gaps and other various construction gaps, screening gable vents, sealing up AC units, and replacing foundation vents. No matter how an animal has damaged a structure to gain entry, we can repair it. We do it all.

Get an Estimate

Please call Brian today for a free estimate for any of your repair needs. We will come to your location to view the damage and give you a quote - also at no charge to you.







Same Day Service




Lifetime Warranty on All Repairs

We warranty against animal entry at the point of repairs for the lifetime of the home or structure.


Lowest Price Guarantee

Ask us about our “lowest price” guarantee. We have the most affordable prices in the Middle Tennessee area.


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