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Opossum Removal

At Reeves Wildlife removal we have the best pricing in the Middle Tennessee area for all opossum removal and remediation services. Our Wildlife services are second to none in the industry.

possum removal

Opossums are nocturnal marsupials. This means that they are active at night and that they carry their young in their pouch. They also carry fleas and other parasites. Opossums enter crawl spaces and sometimes even attics and although the animal is not aggressive, it is still capable of making a really big mess. Then it really is a nuisance animal removal issue.

Our Pricing for Opossum Removal

Since the opossum is the easiest animal to trap and get rid of, it is also the most affordable animal to deal with. At Reeves Wildlife Removal, we will give you a price to trap and remove all the animals. If needed, we will also give you a price to clean up the mess and seal up the entry points.

Opossum Removal May Need to Include Pest Control

When dealing with opossums it is recommended to also treat for fleas in the problem area, especially if there was a dead opossum in the area. (The fleas can starve and become extremely active.) At Reeves Wildlife Removal our trapper Brian is also a licensed exterminator, and we will treat for the fleas at no additional cost.


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We warranty against animal entry at the point of repairs for the lifetime of the home or structure.


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