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Fox Removal and Coyote Removal

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The coyote, gray fox, and the larger red fox are the only wild canids that inhabit Tennessee. Reeves Wildlife Removal provides expert removal of nuisance animals of this type. Our skill and service is second to none in the nuisance animal removal field.

Fox and coyotes, both nocturnal animals, can be a major nuisance in the Middle Tennessee area especially for fruit growers and people who keep domestic fowl. While both the fox and coyote eat rabbits, small mammals, fruit, berries, plants, insects, birds, and reptiles, coyotes will also attack and kill sheep, goats, cattle, and dometic pets.

Coyotes have been spotted in urban areas in Nashville, Madison, Brentwood, Franklin, Thompson Station, and just about everywhere. Coyotes are often attracted into people's backyards by items such as pet food, garbage, the smell of drippings in your barbeque drip pan, water left in a pet's bowl, and even feeding stations for birds and squirrels. Coyotes are also known to attack small children and adults although it is a rare occurrence in Tennessee.

Steps in Fox Removal or Coyote Removal

These animals are very difficult to catch and healthy adults are rarely caught through cage trapping. It is common knowledge in the wildlife industry that cage trapping is not an effective method to remove these animals. U.S. government agents routinely shoot, poison, trap, and kill about 90,000 coyotes each year to protect livestock.

Quote for Fox Removal or Coyote Removal

Please call or text for your free quote for fox removal or coyote removal. We will give you a rough estimate over the phone and some general information about how we remove nuisance animals of this kind.

We also offer free on-site inspections for exact pricing. We are also happy to explain our methods and any other information that would be helpful for our customers.






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