Flying Squirrel Removal Nashville

Flying Squirrel Removal

Flying squirrels are a nocturnal rodent that can reproduce rapidly, and they are very common in Middle Tennessee. The flying squirrels enter the attics of unsuspecting homeowners, make a lot of noise at night, and make a big mess. Flying squirrels are one of the rare animals that do what's called “communal toileting.” This means that they go to the bathroom in the same spot. The flying squirrel can transmit parasites and can carry diseases through its feces.

flying squirrel removal

At Reeves Wildlife Removal, we offer fast efficient flying squirrel removal. We offer the best pricing in the Middle Tennessee area for nuisance animal removal and a service that is second to none.

Steps in Flying Squirrel Removal

When removing flying squirrels the best way is to find the entry point(s) and funnel traps directly over the entry point(s). This gives the squirrels no choice but to go directly into the traps in order to get in or out of the attic area.

Flying squirrels do not tend to chew through wood like their cousins the Eastern Grey squirrels. This means that in some cases, one-way doors can be utilized to get rid of the flying squirrels. This method does not work with eastern gray squirrels because the squirrels will simply chew their way back into the home. However oftentimes there are so many construction gaps on the house that trapping in the attic and outside at the entry points are the only way to resolve a flying squirrel issue.

When we are done removing the squirrels we will give you an estimate to seal up the entry points and to clean up the mess, if needed. All of our repairs come with a lifetime warranty against animal entry at the point of repairs.

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