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Clean-up work is not always needed after nuisance wildlife removal; however, when nuisance wildlife take up residence in your home (usually in the attic or crawl space), they leave possible disease-causing feces and urine. In this case, proper clean-up is highly recommended.

Nuisance wildlife removal and clean-upClean-up of an attic or crawl space includes removing the animal droppings, disinfecting the area, removing and replacing damaged insulation, and if needed, removing and replacing damaged vapor barrier. Sometimes only a much more-affordable spot clean-up treatment is all that is needed instead of replacing an entire vapor barrier in a crawl space or all the insulation in an attic. We also remove other debris caused by the animal, such as nesting material.

Do Your Research

We recommend that homeowners get several quotes before making a decision when dealing with a clean-up problem after nuisance wildlife removal. The price differences for clean-up can have a wide variation. We don't sell unneeded or overpriced clean-up services.

Secondary Infestations from Wildlife

After removing nuisance wildlife, secondary problems with infestations of fleas, ticks, and bird mites may remain because wildlife carry these types of parasites. Most wildlife companies will refer you to a separate pest control company if this service is needed, and you will have a higher overall cost.

Our professional trapper, Brian, is also a licensed pest control technician so he can take care of treating these problems too. With Reeves Wildlife Removal, your wildlife issue can be resolved from start to finish with one call.







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We warranty against animal entry at the point of repairs for the lifetime of the home or structure.


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