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Bird Removal

Birds can be varied and beautiful. Ask any birdwatcher. But when birds nest in vents, soffits, and other areas of your home or building, they make a terrible mess! They also pose other problems. Birds can carry mites and their droppings can be a health hazard.

Reeves Wildlife Removal offers fast, humane bird removal, sealing of entry points, as well as clean-up of effected areas. We can completely resolve your problem with our nuisance animal removal services and we guarantee that we will give you the best price in the Middle Tennessee area.

Steps in Bird Removal

Often times the birds can be removed by hand, or they can be flushed out; however, in some situations trapping is needed. Once the birds are removed, we remove the nesting material and disinfect the area.

Even after the birds have been removed, bird mites can be a problem for homeowners. At Reeves Wildlife Removal we are also certified pest control applicators, and we will treat for bird mites at no additional cost. Many companies are not certified to apply pesticides and when hiring a company for birds (especially those that have nested in vents), it is important to make sure they include this service at no additional cost.

Repairing Bird Damages

After removing the nesting material and spraying the areas, we can repair the entry point(s) or protect the vents with vent guards. Our service comes with a lifetime warranty against nuisance animal re-entry at the point of the repair.

Price ranges in the wildlife industry can be vast. We offer the best pricing in the Middle Tennessee area with a service that is second to none. Please call or text us today for your free quote or on-site inspection for bird removal.






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Lifetime Warranty on All Repairs

We warranty against animal entry at the point of repairs for the lifetime of the home or structure.


Lowest Price Guarantee

Ask us about our “lowest price” guarantee. We have the most affordable prices in the Middle Tennessee area.


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